Finally: the new Catalog!

Creating a new catalog for Softies and the Spa Collection is a really difficult task. You prepare like crazy for a photo shoot, then have the madness of the actual shoot itself (and our shoots are very bang-bang; we have a lot of product to photograph), then you work with your creative team to design and lay out the catalog – this means many rounds of discussion, design, and revision – all while trying to coordinate copy, make sure the descriptions, colors, and sizes are listed correctly, and at the same time choosing paper stock, finish, size, folds, binding, and page count. It's like being a plate-spinning entertainer,  frantically jumping from one thing to the next, all while continuing to run a normal business.

All of that, and the goal is that nobody notices any of it. We want our customers and readers to see the products and understand why we care about them so much, why we're so passionate about our work. It all has to look totally effortless. So we have to say we're quite pleased with the new catalog. Here's the cover:

This is the cover of our new catalog

And here are a couple of interior pages.

Interior page spread

One more interior page spread

We think it looks great, and hope you do, too!

And if you want your own copy of the catalog, here it is: Paddi_Murphy_2012_Catalog (PDF).

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